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Learning to fly, but I don’t have wings

I posted a blog over on my LPSG page about a week ago asking for gym advice. Let me bring you up to speed.

I’ve had an active gym membership on and off now over any years. But every time I go, or for that matter even consider going, I feel extremely intimidated. By like, everything!

Random bullshit things, like: Look at all the people healthier then I am. How do you use the machines? What do I need to do to look like him? Am I doing it right? Are people looking at me? Are they looking because I’m doing something wrong? I must be doing something wrong; I should not have come, I don’t belong here.

Look, you don’t have to tell me. I understand how foolish all of that sounds. And to my credit, it doesn’t stop me from going, but that type of thinking does limit how often I go.

Anyway, not wanting to go too far off on a tangent, I was asking people how they motivate themselves to go to the gym.

I know others out there have felt the same. So how did they get over all of that bullshit?

Listen, the responses were fantastic. As replies to the blog post itself, and DMs from people offering reassurance, support, words of wisdom and positive vibes.

But there was one piece of advice that stood out above all the rest. “Hey, Tyler. I caught your blog post. I’ve been there. Have you ever thought that maybe the gym isn’t for you? That you’re right? That you don’t belong there? I’ve felt the same way, and when I think back, it was because I was trying to motivate myself to go by myself to the gym, at a time where I didn’t like myself very much. I’m not suggesting you don’t like yourself, what I’m suggesting is that maybe you need a sport or activity that you know someone does, that you think you would enjoy and ask if you can tag along and try it out. Also, love your cock pics man – looks fat”… but I digress.

He was right. I do have a fat coc – erm, I mean, I was trying to go to the gym myself, and I have been in a problematic headspace these past few weeks. So, I decided to reach out and ask some of my friends.

“You should try running, or playing football, how about rugby, swimming, lift weights.”

But then one of my friends replied with, “Mate, I go indoor climbing twice a week, you should come along I bet you’d enjoy it and it’s great for all levels”.

So. FastForward to today, and as of writing this blog I’m two weeks in, and I’ve gone climbing four times already. I love it, and I’m already feeling a difference. I’m glad to be part of the misfit toy collection that is the LPSG community. I’m so happy that people take the time to support people. The world needs more than.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my #2020 progress. Now that I am getting into a rhythm of exercise – I now need to get my eating habits and my finances/debts in order.

… baby steps Tyler, baby steps.

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