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The strange psychedelic art of BANG SANGHO

I stumbled upon Bang Sangho’s art as I was chilling this wet and rainy afternoon and I just had to share his fantastic work with everyone.

A freelance illustrator based in Korea’s, he depicts the subjects of his work as establishing the world of planets, to describe landscapes, and living things through media as illustrations, graphics, and videos.

He goes on to say that everything to be created, exploded, and mated in his art is very primitive in a planet that he has created, and that there are a lot of holes in his planet.

These holes are areas of unknowing to the extent that one can’t guess their sizes or locations, and holes inside of the holes are passages connecting to another world.

When I look into the holes, I can see the other world inside of the holes appear and other holes inside of the world. Such a circulation of the holes prevents us from guessing the world’s size or location. Thus, spaces or living organisms can be as smaller as cellular particles or bigger than the sun. Other people and I take the position of ‘God’ and participate, observe, and feel these holes.

Now all of that sounds completely bonkers, and in truth, so are his illustrations. But fucking hell they’re amazing.

To check out more of BANG SANGHO’s amazing illustrations, you can find him on Instagram, or head over to his website.

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